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Ready To Become An Ultimate Leader®?

Why Start With The Ultimate Leader® Online Course?

If you’re an individual…

…the Ultimate Leader Online course will set you apart from the pack, because unlike everyone else who simply calls themselves a “leader,” you’ll have the skills and the certificate to prove it, from a source that businesses leaders trust.

More importantly, it will make you a better leader.

Why? Because you’re receiving the exact same training from Dr. Mary Kay that you would get from her as an employee at a Fortune 500 company. (And without tooting our horn too much, we’re pretty good at this stuff!)

These are the same systems and strategies top leadership teams use to develop and grow their people and their businesses, put together in a comprehensive, step-by-step online course taught by Dr. Mary Kay.

And she held nothing back.

So, if you want to:

  • Expand your skill set
  • Enhance your career
  • Achieve your goals
  • Be recognized for your contributions
  • Distance yourself from the competition
  • Make a difference
  • And maybe jump to a higher pay grade

…this course and certification is for you.

If you’re a CEO or senior manager…

…you are a high energy person who digs leadership stuff and doesn’t want to get left behind—so the Ultimate Leader Online course is definitely for you.

And what about your team? Do you know for a fact that they’re up to speed on all the latest and greatest leadership skills and strategies?

If you’re not sure, or if you just want them to receive the exact same training that Fortune 500 companies receive, then get them involved in the Ultimate Leader Online course too!

They’ll love the fact that you’re investing in them, and you’ll love the fact that they’re performing at their highest level possible for your company.

And since you and your team are busy handling day-to-day priorities, the Ultimate Leader Online course allows everyone to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule.

Oh yeah, and if you’re a HR professional, then you already know how important it is to have a leadership resource that partners with you, that you can count on, to get everyone working as a team—including new leaders as the organization grows.

And who knows? Your team might even want to fast forward to the Ultimate Leader Advanced course so they can work with Dr. Mary Kay on-site.

Either way, if you want your organization to be the best company in your industry to work for, then these courses and certifications are for you.

How Does It Work?

Getting Started Is Easy. It Only Takes 3 Steps…

STEP 1: Take the Course

The Ultimate Leader Online course contains 68 training videos, divided into 7 modules, and contains 68 downloadable Action Plans – 1 Action Plan for each lesson.

This course is designed to be completed at your own pace, depending on your work schedule. One module per week is recommended so you’ll have time to complete each action plan and apply what you’ve learned.

The Ultimate Leader Online course is effective for all levels of management and leadership experience, and has been  thoroughly tested with hundreds of companies and thousands of leaders from a wide variety of industries.

STEP 3: Claim Your Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Ultimate Leader Online exam, you will receive a personalized, 8.5″ X 11″ certificate of completion.

Your digital course completion certificate is full color, printable and is suitable for framing should you wish to display your achievement at your home or office.

STEP 2: Pass the Final Exam

The Ultimate Leader Online exam isn’t “tricky,” but it does require that you know the information if you want to pass. You can retake the test twice (for a max total of 3 attempts). If you do not receive a passing grade after your third attempt, you will be required to go back through the module prior to taking the test again.

The exam is untimed, and consist of 60 multiple-choice and true/false questions. Allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete the exam. Ideally the exam should be taken in one sitting, however, your answers are saved if you need to come back and finish at a later time.

Doug Cahill“The Ultimate Leader Online course is the most effective and best priced leadership training system on the market. Use it, as the companies I’ve been involved with have, and see the confidence and leadership skills soar.”

Doug Cahill
Venture Capitalist
700+ Ultimate Leader Graduates

George Dials“The most successful people never stop developing their most critical resource—themselves. I recommend the Ultimate Leader program to anyone who wants to advance their career.”

George Dials
President and CEO, Y-12 National Security Complex
1400+ Ultimate Leader Graduates

“I’ve used the Ultimate Leader System in three different organizations over the years because of the fast, lasting results it produces with all levels of managers. The Ultimate Leader System never failed to help me quickly build highly effective teams.”

Jan McDaniel
Vice President – Sales at IMAGIC, Inc.
100+ Ultimate Leader Graduates