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Learn to Work with the Most Difficult People, Even if the Problem is Your Own Manager

Finally, an online video course that quickly shows you how to connect and make breakthroughs with the difficult people that are standing between you and getting the job done.


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Let Me Show You How To Get Things Done... Even With Difficult People

Through my research working with thousands of leaders, from front line supervisors to CEOs,  I've found that communication gaps are one of the leading causes of people becoming difficult and hard to work with.

The goal of the Amazing Communicator online course is to learn how to use a simple system to consistently have productive, two-way conversations. If you are equally communicating back and forth, both parties are engaged and focused on getting things done.

As a proactive leader this video course is for you. It is our responsibility to recognize communication gaps that are causing productivity or relationship issues and bridge those gaps with the skills we must develop as Ultimate Leaders.

Make the decision to get started today! I look forward to learning with you.


The Amazing Communicator is an online course that will
show you how to easily get better results with anyone!

Here's what you'll get in this 5 video online course...


Video One: What Make People Difficult?

In the Amazing Communicator online course we are going to take what we learned in the Communication Tips guide to the next level. We'll learn just how easy it is to become an Amazing Communicator so we can easily achieve our goals.

In this video I will show you exactly how to use the Communication Styles Shortcut to quickly figure out what style of communicator you are trying to connect with. This is the first step in seeing why your interactions with this person may not be getting the results you expect.

NOTE: Now that you've learned about pace and priority in my free Communication Tips guide you'll discover what has caused people to be difficult and you will make a break through.


Video Two: Connecting With Faster-Paced/Back Wheel Communicators

Have you ever had a person over-talk you, interrupt, or even finish your sentences?

Let's say you are working on a project and the person you need to work with is coming across as too abrupt, rude, cranky, or insensitive and not listening to your ideas.

Why is this happening?

In this video I'll show you how to be an Amazing Communicator with a Faster Paced/Back Wheel communicator by:

  1. Shortening your sentences.
  2. Not taking their behavior personally.
  3. Plan your message.
  4. Cut the chit chat.


Video Three: Connecting With Faster-Paced/Front Wheel Communicators

Ever had the experience of a team member that firmly believes they told you something you never heard?

Let's say one of the main people you are counting on to get things done dropped the ball, isn't prepared, and causes extra work and having to stay late.

How do you handle this? Right now you are probably using the exact opposite approach to get results.

In this video I'll show you how to be an Amazing Communicator with a Faster Paced/Front Wheel communicator by:

  1. Listen to their stories.
  2. Engage this person by having them involved.
  3. Network with this person.
  4. Avoid negative statements.


Video Four: Connecting With Slower-Paced/Front Wheel Communicators

Slow/Front Communicators are perceived to be difficult people because they don’t tell you directly what they think. They nod yes, but in reality they don’t agree with what you are saying.

So... what do you do?

In this video I'll show you how to be an Amazing Communicator with a Slower Paced/Front Wheel communicator by:

  1. Asking questions that start with the word “What”.
  2. Providing visual examples so the connect with your message.
  3. Being patient, slowing down, and listening to their comments.
  4. Use stability statements instead of overwhelming statements.


Video Five: Connecting With Slower-Paced/Back Wheel Communicators

Is your difficult person standoffish and awkward?

Do you feel interrogated every time you interact with them?

Instead of reacting to these behavioral symptoms, as an amazing communicator from today on you will take the leadership role of making sure you are speaking this person’s language.

In this video I'll show you how to be an Amazing Communicator with a Slower Paced/Back Wheel communicator by:

  1. Ask meaningful questions instead of telling.
  2. Check your ego at the door and let them be the expert.
  3. Be honest, accurate, and know your facts.
  4. Avoid social greetings and communicate primarily in a written format.

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The Amazing Communicator is an online video course for
anyone wanting to upgrade their game!

Just $7 for access to the secrets of great communication


Some of Our Latest Success Stories

I am amazed at how much better my team works together since we all went through the Amazing Communicator course. Kudos to Dr. Mary Kay!

Bob H

What a revelation. No wonder I wasn't connecting with my daughter. Our relationship is the best I can remember. Definitely recommend this course to everyone wanting better relationships.

Amy P

One of my sales guys was driving me crazy. Bought the course and went through it the same day. Can't believe the difference in working with him now. The change is so dramatic it's almost unbelievable. Putting all of my sales people through it now.

Paul T

No wonder my boss hardly ever talks to me. He's very fast paced and I'm slow paced. Now I quickly get to the point and we talk several times a day. I feel a lot less pressure about my job now. The course is worth 10 times more than $7.

Jackie D

Did the course and thought it was awesome so I took it home and asked my wife if she was interested. She went through it and since then we have the best conversations ever. I don't interrupt and she gets to the point. Very cool.

Randy G

I was just promoted to supervisor and didn't know how to get people with the program. Found this course just in time. I feel much more confident and have things going in the right direction now. Bless you.

LaVonda P

The Amazing Communicator course will make you a more confident communicator that can connect with anyone!

Just $7 for access to the secrets of great communication