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Ultimate Leader Online


Great leadership skills are the life-blood of any career. That’s why being a “manager” just isn’t enough anymore. Growing from manager/doer to confident, decisive leader takes quality resources.  The Ultimate Leader Online course is the culmination of 20 years working with 100s of companies and 1000s of leaders from a wide variety of industries—it’s a proven resource, it’s inexpensive, and it’s ROCK SOLID.



Most managers react to people problems by working longer hours, micromanaging projects, and doing things themselves. So what’s the answer? Managers must take time to stop the cycle and make the leap from managing to leading. How do managers do this? Enroll in the Ultimate Leader Accelerator course as a team—so everyone is on the same page working toward the same PRODUCTIVE GOALS.

Ultimate Leader Trainer Certification


When you finish this course, training people and showing them how to put what they have learned into everyday practice will be second nature. And once you have participated in this Trainer Certification course, you too will have the insight to know how to leverage your skills and expertise to help your organization grow and increase its bench strength—and the confident capability to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Ultimate Leader Conflict Resolution


Conflicts start out small, flare up and then die down; it’s a typical destructive cycle that exists in all workplaces. Everyone knows this conflict cycle exists, but few know how to stop it. In this positive, two-day experience costly conflicts are resolved and, during the  process, participants learn how to quickly identify a destructive cycle and resolve conflicts on their own…allowing your organization to FLOURISH.

Ultimate leader Culture Integration


Most managers don’t know how to align company culture because they have never been provided with a system that can actually create a “one team—one culture” environment. Culture alignment becomes even more critical in organizations with multiple facilities. Company culture determines whether you can attract and keep the best talent…a requirement for a company built on a SOLID FOUNDATION.

Ultimate leader Fast Track


Have you ever gone to purchase a suit for a special occasion and needed it tailored to fit? Sure you have. Standard sizes don’t fit us like a glove since we are all unique. The same is true for fast tracking your career. You need a made-to-measure approach that fits you! The Ultimate Leader Fast Track Experience provides you with mentoring and individualized tailoring that fits your abilities and UNIQUE TALENTS.