Ultimate Leader®


This Course Includes:

  • 10-15 Key Manager Participants
  • Kickoff Teleconference With Dr. Mary Kay, CEO, HR, and Participants
  • Two Consecutive Training Days, At Your Location, With Dr. Mary Kay
  • All Course Materials
  • Post Course Team Follow Up Teleconferences
  • Dr. Mary Kay’s Travel Expenses

PRICE: $15,000

Accelerator Course Prerequisite:
Ultimate Leader Online Course

Ultimate Leader Completion Certificate

Turn Managers Into An Awesome Leadership Team!


So what keeps managers from being leaders? In short—people problems…

Managers spend all day dealing with employees who come to work late or don’t show up at all; employees who make mistakes and don’t speak up when they don’t understand; and, most of all, employees who don’t take responsibility for results or tasks that have been assigned to them.

Most managers react to these issues by working longer hours, micromanaging projects, and doing things themselves. It’s a vicious cycle.

So what’s the answer? Managers have to take time to stop the cycle and make the leap from managing people to leading them.

How do managers do this? Participate in the Ultimate Leader course as a team—so everyone is on the same page working toward the same results.
Transform Your Team, Your Company, & Yourself By:

  • Channeling the energy of the mavericks, rebels, and high achievers for maximum results
  • Discovering how to get excellent results with anyone – at work and at home
  • Learning how to make tough conversations easy and stress free, while enhancing morale
  • Developing action plans that boost personal performance and motivation
  • Getting immediate results with leadership training tailored specifically for the team
  • Working with a seasoned professional who has worked with hundreds of leadership teams
  • Interacting with your key leaders during the two, fast paced days of high energy, results focused personal development

…and much, much more.

When your managers finish this course, 80-90% of the day-to-day people problems will be gone! It sounds outlandish, but that’s exactly what the Ultimate Leader Advanced course will do. And once they have completed this class, they will know how to leverage their leadership skills to not only personally grow…but how to connect, collaborate and POSITIVELY IMPACT the organization.

How It Works

The Ultimate Leader Accelerator course is a proven, highly developed, interactive leadership experience. There are four specific steps to getting started:

  1. Select 10-15 managers to participate.
  2. Each participant will enroll in and complete the Ultimate Leader Online course before the Accelerator course begins ($697 tuition per participant).
  3. Launch the course in a live teleconference with the CEO, the top HR person, and Dr. Mary Kay announcing the goals and expectations for participation in the Ultimate Leader Accelerator course.
  4. All participants plan for and schedule their full, two day course attendance, at the location of your choice, facilitated personally by Dr. Mary Kay.

Once the team has completed the entire Accelerator course, they’ll be confident, awesome Ultimate Leaders.