Ultimate Leader®


The Conflict Resolution Experience Includes:

  • Preliminary Need Analysis Teleconferences
  • Two Full Days at Your Location
  • Participant Meetings
  • Team and Follow-Up Meetings
  • Individualized Action Plans
  • Clarification of Expectations
  • Accountability Process Defined
  • Teleconference Follow-Up
  • Dr. Mary Kay’s Travel Expenses

PRICE: $15,000

Transform Your Company By Resolving Conflicts That Are Impacting Performance

Nothing kills performance faster than unresolved conflict.

Conflict… Just the word causes unease and a fear of confrontation. But could this dread be the product of a larger problem?


What we’ve found is managers do not know how to resolve conflicts productively. There are two reasons why:

  1. They are uncertain about how to start the conversation.
  2. They are uncomfortable going directly to the people involved because they believe it will get worse.

The same goes for the team members themselves—they avoid conflict and tough conversations, but mostly because they fear hurting people’s feelings. So many employees have had unpleasant experiences with conflict in the past that it stops them from taking action—so things get worse and the people involved become mad, sad, and scared – creating a firestorm of emotions.

When Dr. Mary Kay resolves conflicts we see jobs saved, lawsuits avoided, and relieved people that are back on track and working together. Drama, gossip, and toxic fear are rarely seen around the organization as conflict has been quickly addressed and resolved.

Now, much of the energy that was previously consumed has been freed up for high levels of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Instead of hurt people, they are happy. Instead of distracted people, they are focused.

Rather than worry that your “top talent” might leave the business or file a lawsuit let’s get people together, resolve the conflicts, and move forward.

High profile clients trust us to get the job done and so can you.

Ultimate Leader Conflict Resolution Makes Breakthroughs By:

  • Getting immediate resolution to serious conflicts between key people in the organization
  • Saving jobs – conflicts are resolved without ultimatums or having to dismiss key people
  • Discovering how to build highs level of trust and confidence to handle difficult conversations
  • Learning how to quickly resolve disruptive situations and remove employee division
  • Developing personal accountability action plans that boost performance and motivation
  • Going from divided to united relationships and people now focused on the company’s goals
  • Working with a seasoned professional who has worked with hundreds of leadership teams

…and much, much more.

When you engage Dr. Mary Kay to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings will it be as simple as pulling a lever?   It sounds outlandish, but that’s exactly what Dr. Mary Kay does. And once you have experienced it, you too will know how to prevent conflicts from getting out of hand in the future. People will be going direct, resolving their own conflicts…

…and your organization will FLOURISH.

How It Works

The Ultimate Leader Conflict Resolution meeting is an positive, two-day experience. On Day One, all team members involved will meet with Dr. Mary Kay individually and/or in small groups. On Day Two, Dr. Mary Kay will hold team meetings with participants and follow up sessions with respective team members and managers. Action plans, expectations, and the accountability process will be established for each of the participants for ongoing, sustainable results. A follow-up teleconferences with Dr. Mary Kay will be conducted after the two-day meeting in the following sequence: 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks. Dr. Mary Kay will also be available to participants by phone and email as needed.