Ultimate Leader®


The Fast Track Experience Includes:

  • One Full-Day In Phoenix, Arizona With Dr. Mary Kay
  • Working Breakfast and Lunch
  • Tailored Leadership Strategies
  • Clarification of Expectations
  • Finalized Leadership Plan
  • Implementation Process Defined
  • Transportation To The Airport
  • Follow-Up Teleconferences

PRICE: $6,000

Get Your Leadership Strategy Dialed In

Have you ever gone to purchase a suit for a special occasion and needed it tailored to fit? Sure you have.  Standard sizes don’t fit us like a glove since we are all unique.

The same is true for fast tracking your career. You need a tailored approach that fits you! We all need some leadership tailoring to fit our unique talents and abilities.

The Ultimate Leader Fast Track course is designed for advancing leaders that want a custom tailored approach to go to the next level and above. They have incorporated the Ultimate Leader System and love it.

Now they need a leadership strategy specifically tailored to their vision, values, communication style, motivational needs, and goals.

In the Ultimate Leader Fast Track Course You Will Experience:

  • Personal leadership coaching and mentoring from Dr. Mary Kay
  • Development of tailored strategies to leverage your talents
  • Mapping of your vision, values, goals
  • Assessment of current blockers and “old school” habits
  • Identification of enablers and new routines to forge your success
  • Taking inventory of high pay-off priorities, routines, and rewards
  • Development of management expectations
  • Actions for engaging team members and direct reports
  • Follow-up and support meetings

How It Works

  1. Schedule your Fast Track day with Dr. Mary Kay.
  2. Schedule your flight to come in the day before and depart the next day no earlier than 6:00 p.m.
  3. Make your hotel reservation at the Phoenix Downtown Sheraton.
  4. Dr. Mary Kay will meet you at 8:00 a.m. in the hotel lobby.
  5. You will spend the entire day with Dr. Mary Kay working together on your tailored leadership plan.
  6. Schedule follow-up success teleconference with Dr. Mary Kay.
  7. Implement your leadership plan immediately.